Grandpa's Tool Shed
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Monday, June 13, 2016
By David Morris Photography
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We were asked by our friends at Woodruff Sweitzer if we could find an old tool shed ( you know, like the one on your grandpa's farm ).  Of course, we said YES.  With the weather forecast calling for snow and 10 degrees I suggested we just build one in the studio.  I called on my friends at Egg Props and Models for some help.   I knew Dale could easily pull this off.

Dale came through, way above and beyond what we expected!

We used recycled shed wood and found an old divided storm window with the paint peeling off. All with the patina of age- just as we wanted.  Dale and I brought in a bunch of old and new tools to complete the look the client wanted.

Dale and I had so much fun hanging all the props.  Probably one of the funnest sets I've worked on in years.

Did I mention I got to take a hammer and beat on the bench and splatter paint all over the place?

It's the little things in life that can make it fun!      

Putting together the walls for the set.

Dale's putting the walls together.

The back side of the set was just a cool as the front.

Some of the tools we had on hand.

Hung a light from a light stand to give the set a little more environment.

It's hard to beat natural light to give you an authentic look.

Getting the product ready for it's close-up.

Stuffing the stand-in packaging.


Our clients checking out the set.

Tweaking the final image 

Add some labels, put it in the layout and it's a wrap


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