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Monday, June 13, 2016
By David Morris Photography
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As a photographer, I'm always looking for projects that will challenge me.

Although we specialize in product, people, and food photography, I find food projects some of the most fun.

Two years ago we shot our first all food Holiday Fantasy Foodscape project.  Well, we've shot another one this year.  I can't lie, London-based photographer Carl Warner ( the Godfather of Foodscapes ) is a big influence on my images.  

This year I wanted to do a "Candy Fantasy" theme with a touch of Dr. Seuss for all us kids at heart. 

Here is the list of ingredients.  See how many you can identify.

Hammond's Classic Handmade lollipops

Idahoan Potato Flakes

Hand of Buddha

Large marshmallows

Small marshmallows

Pink and white marshmallows

White cotton candy

Ribbon candy

Old fashion rolled oats


Brownie mix

candy canes

Peppermint candy balls

Candy stars

White peppermint bark

White M&M's

Silver & White candy balls

White frosting

Toasted coconut

Red & White sprinkles


Dark Chocolate

Peppermint chips


Hope you enjoy how this Candy Fantasy came together.

A big THANK YOU to food stylist Sarah Hunt and assistant Casey Dobbins for helping on this project! 

Extra food and candy were donated to

These shots can get a little messy.  Some seamless paper helps with the clean-up.

The basic foundation.

The basic landscape shape.

Once we got the basic shape I started to add the snow.

A little cocoa adds a little different color to the landscape.

Starting to experiment with where to place everything. 

Food stylist Sarah Hunt working on the house.

Assistant Casey Dobbins putting the windows and door on the house.

Placing candy and white asparagus on the mountains.  I later decided they didn't work and replaced them.

Adding pink and white marshmallows to the front yard.

Decided to make this a sunset scene and started to add some color gels to the lights.

Final set.  I shot the cotton candy clouds and chimney smoke separately and added them in post. 

Some of the candy and food we used.

Sarah got tons of options for the shot.  Awesome job Sarah!

Final Image

Monday, June 13, 2016
By David Morris Photography
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We recently had the opportunity to work on a sweeeet project shooting models of

a star, a heart, and a flower -- all made of candy.

Not only did we shoot these beauties for posters, but we were also asked to do

a stop-motion animation series. How cool is that?!

Here is some fun, behind the scenes shots of the sets and the final images.

We can't wait to see the project completed.

A big shout out goes to our friend Dale Frommelt @EGG props and models

for his outstanding work. Great job Dale!

Candy star set.

Dale Frommelt adjusting the star for the stop-motion animation.

Close-up of an animation stop.

Final star image.

Checking out the heart image with our client.

Dale marking the animation stops for the heart stop-motion animation.

Lights. Action. Start turning!

Candy heart final shot.

Discussing the motion sequence with our client.

Dale Frommelt moving one of the leaves to animate the flower.

Watching Dale do his thing.

Final flower image.

Monday, June 13, 2016
By David Morris Photography
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In a casual conversation about doing some new food images, our associate photographer Tiffany Matson suggested I do a shot of a winter scene that was made of all edible items.  Hmm,  That sounds like a fun challenge.


84 pounds of mashed potatoes, 25 pounds of sugar, rock candy, cauliflower, pretzels, mushrooms, sugar cones, jerk spice, etc. later we came up with a fun winter scene.


Shots of the scene being roughed in.


 Food stylist Sarah Hunt putting the finishing touches on the winter scene.


 Putting powdered sugar on the sugar cone pine trees.  Although it didn't appear in the final images you can see we included a small stream in the set.


Set assistant Braden Edwards mixing another batch of instant mashed potatoes for the base of the set.


Braden adding rock candy as a rock wall next to the road.