Some people seem to be born knowing what they were going to do in life. I was not one of those people. I started out with this idea that I wanted to be a landscape architect, so at age 15 I started a lawn and landscape service. I landed some really big contracts, but after several years of severely allergy-swollen eyes, I re-evaluated things and decided that the landscaping business might not really be “it” for me.

I struggled for some time with which career to pursue. My friends began encouraging me to take photography classes, pointing out that it was already a hobby I enjoyed. They eventually motivated me to enroll in classes at the local community college where, to my amazement, I discovered that I loved being able to communicate ideas visually. After graduating, I took an internship with local commercial photographer and later got a job as an associate photographer. I found that my landscaping eye for design, proportion, flow, color, and perspective were not only helpful to my new pursuit, but were pivotal to the quality of my work.

I struck out on my own and hung my professional shingle in 1988. It didn't take long for two things to become very apparent: I liked doing big projects, and I loved the puzzle of communicating ideas to an audience without words. As my skill increased, so did my clientele. I added groups like Ford Motor Co., Tyson, Crock-Pot, Marriot Hotels, and NAPA Auto Parts to my portfolio. At one point we did an ad campaign for Balducci markets. It was the first time I'd had a campaign appear in Gourmet Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Cooking Light all in the same month. I'll never forget walking into the store just to buy a copy of each. I wanted to open up all three and show the cashier that I'd shot them.

In 2008 David Morris Photography celebrated 20 years of business. The photography, though constantly changing, has continued to grow and diversify. We've not only managed to keep pace but surpass expectation in a very dynamic and changing industry. I'm very proud of the wide range of clients I've been fortunate enough to serve and equally proud of the results DM Photo has been able to give them.

The Facts

Oddest work experience… Had to blow smoke up a turkey's back side
Fascinated/Obsessed with… Maps
Has a knack for… Baking
In his spare time he… Does metal sculpture
Personal Quirk… “Male spot-blindness”



With a degree in Industrial Graphic Art, Paula brings over 20 years of photo and printing experience to the studio. She provides a full array of services including, but definitely limited to, retouching, color correction/management, CMYK printing and film management. The Chicago native is our production guru both on and off the set, resident “foodie” and a key part of our team.

The Facts

Can't live without… Fresh-brewed coffee
Fascinated/Obsessed with… Finding great undiscovered music
Hops on the soapbox about… Americans + Nutrition
Last New Year's resolution was… Not to have a resolution
Has a weakness for… Starbuck's Java Chip Ice Cream